Tell Your Elected Leaders: Reimagine Education By Listening To Teachers!

In Voices from the Classroom 2024, 70% of teachers reported that their students are still behind academically compared to before the pandemic, and only 16% say they’d recommend the profession to others. These statistics beg an urgent call for transformation: Teachers want a profession that is more collaborative, dynamic, sustainable, diverse, and rewarding; they want student-focused and modern classrooms ready to withstand the change of tomorrow. 

Teachers, more than anyone else, intimately understand the challenges and opportunities of the classroom. They can–and must–play a pivotal role in informing this transformation, and Voices from the Classroom 2024 provides direct line of sight into what teachers want to see change.

Email your elected officials and demand that they craft education policies that emphasize what teachers specifically ask for to reimagine the profession. By looking toward vital resources like data from Voices from the Classroom, elected officials can better address teachers’ top concerns and needs when drafting legislation or determining what education legislative priorities they should focus on. 

Now is the time for elected officials to ignite a national conversation about the crisis in K-12 public education, elevate teachers' voices and power, and deliver upon the change teachers have long been promised.

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