State Legislators: Demand Equitable School Board Districts!

Chicago will soon transition from a seven-member mayoral-appointed school board to a 21-member elected school board.

Unfortunately, a massive flaw exists in the new law. The maps divide Chicago’s communities.

First, the maps selectively, if not intentionally, split and separate communities. Valerie Leonard, founder of Illinois African Americans for Equitable Redistricting (IAAFER), recently said, "When you look at the boundaries and the way they were drawn, they divide communities… it looked, to us, like there were attempts to dilute Black votes."

Secondly, only half of the Chicago population can vote for their school board in the first election. Lawmakers only have to draw the first ten districts by April 1st, making it unclear which ten of the 20 districts will have the privilege to vote for their board member in the first 2024 election.

This is undemocratic. We can’t let lawmakers divide Chicago like this!

Fortunately, IAAFER has proposed a solution. They’ve offered a ten-district map that accurately reflects the CPS population and enables EVERYONE to have a voice in our 2024 school board election.

IAAFER proposed school board district map

Sign this petition and demand our state legislators FIX THIS when they hold another session in October by adopting IAAFER’s proposed ten-district map. We need our lawmakers to get this right and ensure the CPS population is fairly represented.