CPS Teacher Leadership Matters!

Every CPS teacher deserves the opportunity to be a leader in their school. Opportunities to take on impactful instructional leadership roles (and be compensated for them) matter! 

Research shows that creating school-based teacher leadership roles expands the impact of excellent, experienced teachers, improves morale and teacher practice, and ultimately positively affects student outcomes. 

Since 2018, CPS has expanded the number of schools that provide compensated leadership roles such as Team Lead, Team Director, ILT Member, and Lead Coach. The funding for many of these positions is expiring, and the positions are at risk.

As a city and school system, we can’t afford for compensated, effective school-based teacher leader roles to disappear when the funds run out.

CPS CEO Pedro Martinez and CTU President Stacy Davis Gates, we call on you to commit to working together to ensure CPS teacher leadership roles are included in the next collective bargaining agreement, ensuring roles are accessible, equitable, and continue beyond when grant funding runs out. 

Bet on teachers—investing in excellent teachers to lead is what’s best for Chicago’s students.