Tell Illinois Lawmakers: Compensate Our Elected School Board!

Chicago will soon transition from a seven-member mayoral-appointed school board to a 21-member elected school board. 

Unfortunately,  a massive flaw exists in the new law - it currently prohibits board members from getting paid. 

Board members are responsible for governing Chicago Public Schools, including a $9 billion budget and the well-being of 33,000 employees and over 325,000 students. This is not a small volunteer role!

The role's demands will make it hard (or impossible) to maintain another full-time job while serving on the board. We KNOW that the best board members will be teachers, parents, and other community members who have passion and commitment to improving our school system.

We can't afford to NOT pay the Chicago Board of Education members. 

The good news is that our state legislators can FIX THIS when they hold another session in October. Sign on to demand they fix the rules to allow for compensation!