NYC Reads: Empower Educators In Curriculum Selection!

We commend New York City Mayor Eric Adams and NYC Public Schools Chancellor David Banks for their visionary NYC Reads initiative –a significant commitment to elevating literacy and evidence-based reading instruction in our schools. 

During the upcoming fall, schools in phase 2 of the rollout – which includes 17 community school districts – will purchase new curricula and spend the year preparing for complete implementation in the 2024-2025 school year. 

As educators, we urge superintendents and other education leaders to include teachers in the curriculum selection process for phase 2.

Teachers bring firsthand experience and can provide valuable insights into which options are most engaging, effective, and responsive to student needs. Educators also understand the unique dynamics of their classrooms. Through surveys, focus groups, committees, or other collaborative mechanisms, curricula that align with the specific context and needs of each school community and create increased buy-in from educators in the process can be chosen.

So join us and call on superintendents to seek educator input on curriculum options in phase 2. By valuing the expertise of educators, the selection process can be more informed and responsive to the needs of students