NYC Reads: Demand Ongoing Professional Learning

We commend New York City Mayor Eric Adams and NYC Public Schools’ Chancellor David Banks for their visionary NYC Reads initiative –a significant commitment to elevating literacy and evidence-based reading instruction in our schools. Notably, tens of millions of dollars will be spent on professional learning and teacher training to facilitate the transition to higher-quality instruction.

While this is a positive first step, we urge city leadership to follow through on its promise of providing ongoing professional learning as part of NYC Reads. The initial rollout of this bold move calls for a learning phase where feedback from educators is sought and valued to ensure long-term success.

The education landscape is constantly evolving, and teaching is not static. One-off professional learning is not enough. The complexities of teaching and the varying needs of students require educators to continually adapt their practices and be up to date with the latest research. By integrating ongoing professional learning into the initiative, we can ensure that educators are equipped to deliver high-quality instruction.

So join us and call on Mayor Adams, Chancellor Banks, and the entire NYC public schools system to provide resources and support for ongoing professional learning. This investment is critical for NYC Reads to have long-term success.