Mayor Johnson: Protect CPS Teacher Leadership Roles!

Mayor Johnson, 

As a former middle school teacher, you know that teacher leadership benefits our school communities and students. Research has consistently shown that when teachers are given compensated leadership roles, student performance improves, teacher retention increases, professional growth is enhanced, and school culture is positively transformed.

It’s why your administration has been a proponent of "co-governance"—a model of collaborative leadership that, when implemented in our schools, values the input of teachers alongside administrators. Since 2018, this commitment has resulted in expanded roles within CPS, including Team Lead, Team Director, Instructional Leadership Team Member, and Lead Coach.

Unfortunately, these positions and their future are now at risk, as many of these positions are supported by grants nearing expiration. 

The loss of these roles would reverse the progress we have achieved since 2018 and diminish the voice and impact of educators who are pivotal in day-to-day school operations. 

We urge you, Mayor Johnson, to act decisively to safeguard and fortify teacher leadership within CPS by ensuring roles are solidly anchored in the next collective bargaining agreement. This inclusion will guarantee that such positions are not only accessible and equitable but also permanent by not relying on temporary funding.

Teacher leadership is essential—it embodies the spirit of co-governance and is a testament to your dedication to our educational community. Now is the time to demonstrate your continued commitment to our students and teachers.