Tell LAUSD: Fix the Teacher Shortage

Dear LAUSD Leadership,

Teacher vacancies have become front-page news. However, studies show that 80% of vacancies are concentrated in only 25% of schools. This staffing shortage particularly impacts these school sites.

We’re calling on LAUSD and Superintendent Alberto M. Carvalho to adopt an equitable pay model that will incentivize educators to work at understaffed schools and commit to these school sites for the long run. Teachers need not only an increase in pay but also an increase in recognition of the hard work they put in to provide high-quality education for our children. We need:

• Signing bonuses for commitments to understaffed schools
• Salary points or compensation increases for district-approved collaborative projects
• Commitment bonuses for long-term contracts at understaffed sites

By encouraging educators to work at historically impacted schools, we can drive equity for our students and elevate the dignity of the teaching profession.